Over 200 Directory Sites Managed

Our instant network covers forty two of the most important directories in the United States including Google, Yelp, Yellowpages and more.We also enable you to optionally add or edit listings on another additional 150 directory sites.

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single location    |    multi location business



Crawl and automatically sync location data across a network of over 100 local directions!


Our system automatically monitors review and social sites and notifies you of new interactions


Get up to date analytics and reports on how each of your business locations is performing

Easy to use reporting

Export reports on the fly with your own branding
and all the data on our platform.

All Of Your Data Available As Reports

Our powerful analytics component keeps track of how each location is performing and you can export reports anytime.

The Most Comprehensive Local Data Management Platform

The WayUpGraphics platform makes it super easy for you to provison, edit and enhance business locations as well as control data on external sites.

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Let’s not forget Google+

We do manage your information on Google+ profiles, one of the most important aspects of being found on a Google search. We handle all the major listing sites, including google+.

More than just a PowerListings - Fix, Merge & Claim

On our dashboard, you can view all your listings and make any necessary changes directly from the dashboard. This includes changing any incorrect listings, merging your duplicate listings and updating any outdated information.